Marketing e Communication:

    1. Creative Marketing,
    2. Operational Marketing,
    3. Communication Marketing,
    4. Provide technical/commercial documentation
    5. Website creation (in HTML5)
    6. Find new markets and new sales methodologies,
    7. Support for launching new products and/or looking for partners,
    8. Advice on how to bring profitability know-how and/or patents,
    9. Organizing Meetings with Order and/or Professional Albi,
    10. Conference Speaker.

Trade with and from CHINA :

Business Area:

    1. Search and Selection of sales staff,
    2. Creating direct or indirect sales networks,
    3. Manage direct or indirect sales networks,
    4. Reasons for direct or indirect sellers,
    5. Support direct or indirect sales networks,
    6. Attachment foe Agent/Area Manager,
    7. Management of Direct Customer and Top Customer,
    8. Management of Direct Contact with Institutional Figures,
    9. Prepare and negotiate framework agreements with Top Clients,
    10. Development of Sales Strategy .

Commercial Training Area:

Commercial Management Area:

    1. Budget/Target Prediction "
    2. Analysis on Profitability and EBITA, with periodic progress control. "
    3. Formatting Formats for "Reporting" and Spreadsheets for Analysis and Control "
    4. Predicting Statistics Analysis with Variable Periodicity Synoptics. "
    5. Budget Check on Budget/Target "
    6. Formatting Forms for "Reporting" and Spreadsheets for Analysis and Control "

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