From European Energy Saving Solutions System
to Elementary & Efficient Smart Sales Solutions

    2005: January, the E2S3 (European Energy Saving Solution System) is born. Its mission is technological innovation seen as a trigger for the improvement of quality of the life and for the reduction of consumption.

    2005: February, the thermo-radiant panel VARME KILDEN® is born, which allows savings of 30% on heating.

    2010: June, the exploitation rights of the Patent and the Know-how of VARME KILDEN, are sold to DL Radiators, a company of the De 'Longhi group.

    2011: January, E2S3 turns into a 360 ° consulting company and the acronym E2S3 changes meaning and becomes Elementary & Efficient Smart Sales Solutions.

    2014: March, E2S3 reacquires the rights of VARME KILDEN from DL Radiators, and restarts with a production in Italy.

    2015: January, E2S3 begins negotiations to export its technology to China for the Chinese market.

    2015: September, E2S3 acquires shares in Dalian Jiuding Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a company of the People's Republic of China, for the production and sale of VARME KILDEN in China.

    2016: May, E2S3 opens a China/Europe/China B2B project development office in Dalian (China).

    2017: May, E2S3 becomes partner of Green Source Tech Co., Ltd (www.gst4you.net), Zhenjang company that deals with trading, from China to the rest of the world, of products for the plumbing sector.

    2020: January, E2S3 opens a consulting and marketing office in Poland for Eastern European countries.

    2020: September, E2S3 begins consulting Yanghuo Group Hong Kong Co, Ltd, to search for Italian suppliers of cosmetics and food supplements.

    2020: October, E2S3 begins consulting with Baoding Baigou Tianshangxing Bag Leather Goods Co., Ltd, one of the largest Chinese manufacturing companies in Suitcases, Trolleys, Bags and Backpacks, to search for commercial outlets in Europe.

    2021 ....... the story continues

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