Dr. Venanzio Bielli , Italian Citizen, President of E2S3. Experience more than thirty years in
      Creative Marketing,Operational Marketing, New Business Development, General and/or Commercial
      Direction, as well as experienced in radiant heating systems.
      Languages: Italian, English and French

      Dr.ssa Valentina Bielli , Italian Citizen, Expert in Psychology of Consumer Organizations.
      Languages: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

      Ing. Federico Busato , Italian Citizen, The experience gained in multinational industrial
      organizations allowsus to share with us a wide range of product and product development and Product
      Innovation and Control expertise and management skills.
      Languages: Italian, English, German.

      Dipl. Eng. Andrea Blasutta, Italian Citizen, Production manager for VARME KILDEN EUROPE
      and for HEARTH of WELLNESS EUROPE. Great experience in organizing and managing production
      Languages: Italian and English.

      Dr. Liu YanPing , Italian Citizen, Expert in International Trade. Special knowledge of
      Chinese Market, deep knowledge both for exporting than for importing.
      Languages: Italian, English and Chinese

      Sig. Andrea Mascaretti, Italian Citizen, Resident in Spain.
      Head of the "Sanitization and Health Care" for the Spanish-speaking markets.
      Languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

      Per. Ind. Giuseppe Rucci, Italian Citizen, Director in charge of "Sanitization and Health Care",
      Decennial experience and great competence in the medical-hospital sector and in the private sector.
      Languages: Italian and English.

      Sig. Vito Greco, Italian citizen, Resident in italy, expert in sales strategies,
      Creation and management of commercial networks.
      Languages: Italian.

      Dr. Shawn Hefner, U.S. Citizen, China Resident, Expert in International Trade and
      Chinese Market.
      Languages: English

      Dipl. Eng. Przemyslaw Kaminski, Polish Citizen, expert in the study of strategies for the sale
      of innovative products and in the research, management and management of complex sales
      networks, especially in Eastern European countries
      Languages: Polish, English, German, Czech, Russian.

      Dr. Karolina Orlanska, Polish Citizen, China Resident, Internet Marketing Specialist
      Languages: Polish, English, German, Czech, Russian.

      Ms. Sun YanLi, Chinese Citizen, resident in China, Fashion Designer Expert in National Trade in
      Luxury Industry and in High comfort Heating Systems.
      Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English

      Eng. Ba Zhili,Chinese Citizen, resident in China, Gestional Engineer, Master in BIM.
      Languages: Chinese, English


Resources and future shareholders:

      Dr.ssa Wang YuChi,Chinese Citizen, resident in China, Expert in international trade and in search
      of local producers.
      Languages: Chinese, English

      Ms. Xie Weidong,Chinese Citizen, resident in China, Business Developer, Expert in National Trade in
      Luxury and Fashion .
      Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese


We are not a simple commercial company. We are a moral company that

manages a business as a family. With our shareholders, we not only

share business, but also share the same view of life. Only if you

received a personal invitation or if you were introduced by one of

the shareholders, it is possible to become our partner

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